Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in becoming a 6MM Gunworks dealer, simply email us at info@6mmgunworks.com and one of our sales representatives will get you started on that path.


  1. What do I need to become a Dealer? In order to become an authorized Dealer, you must have 1) an existing retail storefront engaged in the business of selling airsoft and/or 2) have an active ecommerce website engaged in the business of selling airsoft.  We will require a local business license, TEIN, and active credit card in order to open your Dealer account.

  2. How do I see the wholesale pricing? Wholesale pricing is only available to authorized Dealers.  Our pricing lists are updated periodically due to frequent new product releases and such pricing will be available only via email.  Our website shows our Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and may not be representative of actual prices offered by our Dealers.

  3. Do you enforce MAP pricing? We have a Minimum Advertised Policy (MAP) in place.  Please inquire with your sales representative for more details.

  4. What kind of warranty do you offer? 6MM Gunworks offers warranty service with respect to the warranties offered by the manufacturer.  We will service all products we sell and offer factory replacement parts.  You are responsible for shipping costs to us, and we will cover the shipping charges back to you.

  5. What if my product is out of warranty, can you still service it?  We offer out of warranty repair services on all of our products.  You simply pay the cost for the part plus labor at the rate of $45 per hour.  You are also responsible for shipping both ways.  However, we only install factory specified parts and we do not preform installation of aftermarket parts or perform customization work.

  6.  Do you sponsor airsoft players and/or teams?  We currently do not have a player or team sponsorship program.  Please contact your local dealer to inquire about such opportunities.

  7. I wish to review your product...can you send me a free gun to evaluate?  We have strict guidelines regarding reviews, including minimum subscriber requirements.  Please email us at info@6mmgunworks.com to inquire about our product review program.